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Aerobatic trainer 0.25 size 



P-40 scale 2548 Design for RC-Combat Legal for RCCA 2548

Wingspan 47 1/4" (1200mm)
length   37 1/2" (950mm)
Weight   3.25 lb (1480gm)
Engine   .25 cu in

Detailed Information

P39 scale 1/12 Design for RC-Combat Legal for 2610

Wingspan 46" (1170mm)
length   31 1/2" (800mm)
Weight     (    gm)
Engine   .25 cu in

Detailed Information

IL-10 1/12 scale Design for RC-Combat Legal for 2610

Wingspan 50" (1270mm)
length   37" (940mm)
Weight   3.4 lb (1540gm)
Engine   .25 cu in

Detailed Information  Examples

Yakovlev-9  1/12 scale RC-Combat Model 

Wingspan: 39 (990mm)
Length:     26 (660mm)
Weight:     2 lb (1130gm)
Recommended engine: 0.15 or 0.25 cu in.


Frequently asking questions:

Question: 2006_0205 Are you still planning on making a 2548 Mustang? If so, what are the prices and availability?

Answer: Yes, all molds for vacuum forming are ready, and we are looking for your order of our p51_Scale2548_combat production (or any other our models: p40_2548; Il10-2548; p39_2610 and Yakovlev-9_2610).

Price list for the first quarter of 2006
Fuselage's halves (left and right cores) and inside structure parts - 30USD
Assembled fuselage (ready for painting) - 50USD
Assembled model scale 2548-combat ARF - 100USD (wing's top covered in MonoKote green or olive drab)

Processing time is: One day for one fuselage kit; three days for assembled fuselage and ten days for AFR. (We are also installing RC-equipment and engine for request).

Shipping worldwide with AairParcel Post
(From previous experience we know that some times it required 2-3 weeks. So please make you order in advance).

Originally all models were designed specially for scale RC-combat purposes.
Later we have decided to use the same fuselages for other projects (p39-fun; p40-fun; p51-fun or p51 sport scale.
Follow the link to see example: sport scale p51 serial 002. This particular one: with balsa wing, landing gear ruder and flapperons.
For RC-combat we recommend to use composite fuselage and Styrofoam wing.

Contact us with any questions or suggestions:



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