ARF RC-combat model Yakovlev-9 by AMOCS scale 1/12

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RCCA_scale_2610b RC-combat_Yakovlev-9_1to12_2004_1030AK test_flight_2004_0814AW test_flight_2004_1029AF

This ARF Yakovlev-9 is a great flying RC-airplane model. It is very maneuverable and fun to fly model, originally designed for RC-combat. It is legal for official ACES and RCCA RC-combat  contests.

Wingspan: 39 (990mm)
Length:     26 (660mm)
Weight:     2 lb (1130gm)
Engine:     Recommended engine is 0.15 or 0.25 cu in.

    It is a very durable model, the fuselage which is made out of fiberglass (fuselage walls are consists of two layers of fiberglass and sandwiched between them layer of 1/8" foam). This kind of structure is what makes this model's fuselage so strong compare to it's weight. The wings are constructed out of foam cores and fiberglass rods. 

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1 Mb movie for test flight: Taking off and few figures.