IL2 scale 1/12 RC-combat model (Wing Span 48'' (122 cm))

2006_01226_IL2_first_lot_P1010005 2006_01226_IL2_P1010008 2006_01226_IL2_P1010009 2006_01226_IL2_P1010011 2006_01226_IL2_wingsr
2007_0117_IL2_first_lot_P1010032 IL2_2007_0117_P1010031 P1010033

RC combat model Ilyshin 2 (IL-2) Legendary aircraft WWII era. 
Available for order as KIT; ARF or RTF model 
Design for RC-combat can be used for building sport scale models.
Fuselage is composite construction (vacuum formed).
Wing and stabilizer are styrofoam for RC combat or balsa construction for sport scale model.
Model is legal to fly 1/12 ACES (Europe) Scale 2610 RC-combat and scale 2548 RC-combat RCCA (USA)

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Gaithersburg, MD 20877, USA 
phone/fax: 301-519-0151
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